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Thread: `breeding koi` the new vision, new dvd

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    Jul 2005

    `breeding koi` the new vision, new dvd

    i recently got the `breeding koi` the new vision new dvd.

    i thought it was like all the other recent ones...very lightweight.
    this should have been a part of `hiroshima dreaming` as that was also extremely lightweight, as that may have saved it a little.

    i think `Sakai hiroshima` is the best Koi breeder in the world and the DVD could have been so much more interesting and informative,

    these videos to me seem like the usual sicophantic ramble with no in depth look at the breeder and his methods. anyone would think the producer does not know any interesting questions and why is it that we never hear from the breeder himself?...let the breeders speak!

    on top of this the producer contradicts himself regarding infomation only just past on in the last video from only 6 months previous

    sure the photography is often very good, and there are usually some great koi to see, but is this enough? i dont think so, id like to learn more, the finer details...hell any details would be a bonus!

    sorry to be so negative but other than `nishikigoi the movie` and the `yamakoshi trilogy` (both still sicophantic in the extreme...this guy could give lessons) i find the new vision videos a bore and so lightweight that they could not educate anyone beyond novis and then i have my doubts!

    they come across as half baked quick cash ins made in a single wekend.

    perhaps they should contact Maurice who im sure could come up with a more indepth look or Brian from koi bito who`s one DVD contains more info than an average of 3 new vision titles combined.

    i hope the new one they have planned for next month about the west winning the all japan show is an improvement or i will stop buying these dvds.


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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    Don't be discouraged by the lack of information. When i started with koi 30 years ago THERE WAS NOTHING!

    If your interested in breeding keep looking,knocking,asking and like a brick layer put the pieces together albeit slowly. Keep in mind that we're dealing with a family and future generations livlihoods and no one is goiing give what it took four generations of blood, sweat and tears
    to develop to anyone free on a silver platter, or A DVD! LOL!

    take it as a challenge. Look at what maurice in the UK has done and folks like
    Mat at quality in the US and others have done around the world. It's a journey
    relax and enjoy along the way.

    pls don't take this comment as anything but encouraging....

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    Jan 2004
    NorCal Biotch!!!
    I bought this video 2 days ago, first off it is kinda expensive but what the hell the things you will do in search for reference material. I do have to agree that this video should have been added to the Hiroshima Dreaming and removed the Omosako and Narita part. Well anyways, probably the best video in full detail about any breeder is the Momotaro video.

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    Mar 2005
    Belmont, CA
    I have two of the DVDs - 2005 All Japan and Hiroshima Dreaming. I enjoyed both videos although I thought they lacked a bit of depth. Then again I wasn't expecting all that much depth from them. I was just looking for more information on these subjects. When I want depth, in look for it in the KB interviews with Momotaro, Sakai, and Maruyama.

    I compare the New Vision DVDs to Brady's KoiFixx DVD magazine. They give you a brief glimpse into a particular subject.


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    Jan 2006

    breeding koi

    Try this webb site for information on koi breeding.


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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Hey, welcome to the board, Bip!!! Good to have you with us...

    So, what "breeding" method video has anyone found to be the most informative?....


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    Paducah, Kentucky
    It's one thing to breed koi, but if you dont have the eye for culling fish it doesn't matter. Culling is the art and to go through maybe 15 million fry in a season it is crazy. The DVD shows the bases of operation so, so much to expect.

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