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Thread: How to chose "thick ozutsu will be" from tosai/nisai?

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    How to chose "thick ozutsu will be" from tosai/nisai?

    To me, ozutsu effects a lot to koi appreciation and judging. Big body with thin ozutsu will be seen like a rose without leaves. What I want to know, how we could choose tosai or nisai kois which would have thick ozutsu in the years ahead as they would develope?

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    When you look at a koi you always want to look at a koi in "Halves"....If the koi has a strong first half and a weak second half mostly you will have problems building that koi up. To me I generally see this in females whose belly tends to build first before the tail joint. Also watch how a koi swims, a fish with a strong tail uses less effort to swim as a koi with weak tail joint uses more whipping motion to move.

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