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Thread: Sodium Thiosulfate

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    Sodium Thiosulfate

    I just acquired 1 lb. of sodium thiosulfate for dechlorinating my pond, but do not have the desolving ratio. Does anyone know the measurement and how many gallons it treats, as in teaspoons/gal?

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    Here's a link to a calculator:


    Most people think it cranks out #'s on the high side -- but since ST is safe, that's not really a problem.

    Latency is up to 3 days. Does not handle chloramines, so if you have them you will need to use another product.

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    TS Calculator

    Thanks, Don, for the link. I appreciate the help. Nice meeting you at the Gardena Show.
    Dan R.

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    I always used 1.3 grams per 100 gallons, the calculator seems right to me.

    ST does handle chloramines, but it doesn't handle the ammonia. Chloramines are chlorine bonded with ammonia. The ST will remove the chlorine and release the ammonia into the water. So depending on the level of chloramines and the amount of ammonia being released and the ability of your bio filter to process the additional ammonia, you might need to add an ammonia binder, especially if you have a high pH making the new ammonia toxic.

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    Simi Koi is right.

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