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Thread: Another ABAKS post...

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    Tategoi KoiCCAPW's Avatar
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    Another ABAKS post...

    Thanks to everyone for posting all the wonderful pictures of the show and especially the koi tanks.
    Even though I was there both days, seeing all the fish in the tanks with the owners names really helps me put things together in my head.
    I met lots of great people and have now proptly forgotten most of the names with faces! lol

    I had a great time! Lots of folks there really made me feel welcome, which was great as this was my first show and I went by myself.
    Especially thank you to Larry Gelldu who, even though he was so busy with everything, took time to make sure I had my tickets for the banquet. Larry is a real great guy, and a great line dancer too!
    Joelan Dunkel ran the karioke and dance music equiptment and was really good at getting everyone to relax and dance and even sing some songs. She has a beautiful singing voice also!

    I chatted a good long time to Mickey the windowman, we had a great time.

    Also enjoyed talking with Dan Rutledge and Mike Perret.
    Dan donated a gorgeous framed, limited edition lithograph watercolor, he and Pat Towery painted together, to the auction for the KHV fund! They are very talented painters.
    Whoever won it got a great deal! I've been told there were very few printed, maybe 8 total. It was worth a lot more.

    I just took a few shots of the crowd, sorry didn't put any captions, told you the names are fading in my brain! So if you see your self, you know who you are!lol.

    All in all, it was a wonderful experiance and thank you SFBAKC and Genki for having it. Bravo!

    Thanks again,
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0001.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0002.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0003.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0004.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0005.jpg  

    Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0006.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0007.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0008.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0009.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0010.jpg  

    Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0011.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0012.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0013.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0014.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0015.jpg  

    Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0016.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0017.jpg   Another ABAKS post...-my-pictures0018.jpg  

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    Honmei KoiCop's Avatar
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    Hey, Barb . . .

    looks like you had a great time, too. And thanks for posting your pix.

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