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Thread: How Does Rain Affect Your Koi?

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    Sep 2005

    How Does Rain Affect Your Koi?

    We are experiencing a lot of rain in Northern California right now. I have customers that have severe problems with too much rain if the pond is not buffered well. These problems include pH crashes. How does it affect you in your area?

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    Apr 2004
    The water I use at the moment is hard as nails. Runoff cannot get in my pond so it is going to take an awful lot of rain to replace any substantial amount of water in my pond and cause it to crash.
    IMO pH crashes are not so much due to the rain but due to either poor design allowing run off to drain into the pond or has a large surface area and very little depth. Possibly these ponds have water quality is tottering on the edge and only need a small push to tip it over the brink. Can't really blame it on the rain so much as poor management. If I was faced with a period of heavy rain and had soft water libel to crash, I would simple change out more water than usual to compensate. A no brainer really.
    Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat

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    We have Colorado river water and it is hard. Last year over 52" of rain fell at my place. PH did not budge. KH stayed the same and GH came down slightly. Koi were not affected at all.


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    Low Kh is a simple fix. Have them test and if it is raining hard and they are below 80, then they need to add Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). Or if their source water has a high kH then a water change (but that isn't a lot of fun in the pouring rain.)

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    Sep 2005

    I too live in the bay area. My pond is approx. 10,000 gal. Because it is a converted swimming pool, there was no "overflow" incorporated into the original design - therefore, pumping water out in the pouring rain sometimes is required but not always. One thing I have found is that the fish don't really seem to like the change in barometric pressure associated with a cold front - seems to make them uncomfortable and they will do " a little" flashing until a high pressure system moves back in behind the storm front. Then they're back to normal! I also do at least a 10% change-out after every storm - seems to work much better that way!


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    Jun 2005
    No problems with rain for my koi. But several years ago, when building this pond, I had this ledge incorporated to put big stones in the water. This ledge is all around the pond, 18" wide and about 6" of water on it. When raining, my koi would go and swin on the ledge, half of their body above the water. And they seemed to enjoy it!


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    Mijn Holland's is niet zo goed, maar ja....

    Wilt U ons en genoegen doen en photo's van U vijver posten aan de forum?
    (En als tu blieft en niewe post met u naam der bij)

    De photo van U avatar is te klein om het mooi vijver te zien.

    Hartelieke groeten van uit California.

    Joelan Diephuis-Dunkel

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    Los Angeles, California
    (Mike) Yes, I agree 100% that the fish sense low pressure -- all my fish are hiding due to the recent rain here in Southern California.

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    Sep 2005
    Yeah, they get like us - fed up with this crap!! When's it gonna end??

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    Dec 2005
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Onthaal aan de raad, Joelan. Hebt u om het even welke beelden van uw vijver die u met de raad zou willen delen?... Ik zou om het even welk willen zien... Welk soort koi u?... heeft en hoe u lang in deze zaken die van koi hebben??... houdt

    "Welcome to the board, Joelan. Do you have any pictures of your pond that you would like to share with the board?... I would like to see any... What kind of koi do you have?... and how long have you been into this business of koi keeping??..."


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