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Thread: All Bay GC - Clarifications

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    Her beni is always Kagura like you said since she's two years old. In fact, it's more bright and intense (ie deep) as she grows older. Dinh, Nathan and Don, saw her when she first came in 2002. Her beni was not as bright and deep as now.
    I think good Koi will keep developing their beni as they age, regardless of Karuga or persimmon.


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    Damn dude, you beat me to the question? I've been thinking this for a while and was just about to post this same question. That's a Happy Question Amigo! I want to learn and study more about future fish development. My quest this year is growing fish and see what comes about in color, especially the hi. Awesome koi Duke!

    Quote Originally Posted by aquitori
    Duke, I had one question: When your Kohak was purchased as nisai, was it more Kagura or persimmon. Alot of people prefer persimmon with the intent of "future", but looking at your Dainichi Kohak it looks like the Kagura maintains very well under the right coniditions.

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    A future show to be defined soon....
    Yes, the hi on her is always Kagura. I got some shots of her when she first arrival. I will try to find these pix for you guys to view. I'm lucky for being able to see her development thru the years... her beni is getting deeper and thicker....

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