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Thread: bakki filters

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    bakki filters

    can anyone on this forum tell me anything about home made Bakki filters using lava rock as the media and not the expensive bacteria house media?

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    between Okeefenokee and Ichetucknee
    Dearest fins and FIR-

    This is a beloved topic, oft discussed, sometimes debated, always close to our hearts as you will see if you do a little bit of looking around with the "search" feature. Tons of information for you to digest. Lotta pics, too. Have fun.

    Mickey the windowman

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    They both work, one works much better than the other and requires no maintenance.I have showers with just BH, some with both BH and lava rock ,a some with just lava rock. the difference in the watrer quality is noticeable as well as the growth rates and overall fish activity and feeding and energy level. BH does a better job biologically, due to the FIR and pores and the material composition in my opinion. Of course, we have resident experts willing to have gunfights over it, but that is how it has worked in every pond I've seen or heard about.

    Why did u bring a fin to a gun fight? just kidding.....

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    Puerto Rico
    one thing also i have found helpful with the lava rock showers is a vortex and also a larger micron screen above the showers to break up the waste a little. Also provides another strike point for a little more oxygenation. If you look at the old showers of oyster shells and the lava rock and BH showers in breeder's facilities most of htem have plants growing out of them to. I have noticed lava rock seems to have a little better edge handling things with plants growing in the trays. Maybe JR or another biology expert could expound on why.

    sorry to use your post as a signsture Jr but it's just too funny to resist....not trying to offend you just having fun.....how r u by the way? and how are your daughter's studies coming along? (some of u might be impressed to hear her story and where she is studying, I would be proud of her is she were mine)

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    I am in no way qualified enough to get into debates about the hole bakki topic.
    But i had alphagrog and bhm in the same tray on my shower with 4600gph going over it with no pre filtration from the skimmer.
    Anyway ive attached a pic of 2 bowls,One had a piece of bhm(R) washed in it and one had a piece of Alphagrog(L)washed in it.I did it just out of curiosity but it was enough for me to take the Grog out of my shower.The showers been running 6 months.
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