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Thread: DIY Bulkhead Fittings...

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    DIY Bulkhead Fittings...

    I just thought I'd pass this for the other DIY people out there. Commercial bulkhead fittings are extremely expensive. Right now the going price for 1 1/2" bulkhead fittings is between $10 (if you're lucky) and $20. This is the size I'm actually using for my current pond plumbing and filter setup. Prices for larger bulkhead fittings are even more outrageous! A while back I decided to take a field trip to a nearby Lowes to see if I could find a cheaper solution. And I did! I found this little gem in the plumbing section for less than $6 and it's the perfect substitute for a 1 1/2" bulkhead fitting. I'm using about a dozen of these fittings in my current setup and so far I haven't had any problems - no leaks! These drain kits come with grating, which can actually be a good thing since it can prevent larger debri from flowing back into your pond. I actually left he grating on my filters for an entire year and didn't have any problems, but I decided to cut out the grating last weekend when I was doing my annual filter upgrades and clean-out. More details are available in the DIY Projects section of my website, http://www.josephandgabby.com/pond.
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    Those drain works as well. The one thing I have discoverd but never used in a pressure application are uniseals.. They are around $3 per and very easy to install...


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