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Thread: Sacramento Koi Show (September 30 - October 1, 2006)

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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    NorCal Biotch!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ross M View Post
    We would like to thank everyone in the Camellia Koi Club, all who took part, and all who attended their show. Being our first visit to CA, Tara and I appreciated the hospitality and good time we had with everyone. We enjoyed meeting and spending time with all of you, finally putting faces to names. If we missed you this time, we would like to meet you on our next trip to CA so you can be the judge of our Nisei Koi. We welcome you all to visit our farm in New Jersey when on the East Coast. Harvest season is upon us...

    Ross Morgan and Tara Mack
    Quality Koi Company
    Ross you have yet to see what NorCal is all about...HAHAHAHA...you will be getting a show pack soon and I hope you guys can make it for the Young Koi Show.

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    My Thank-You also

    WOW…….Thanks everyone for the kind words about the Sacramento Koi Show.
    Well after the Koi Show my brain was mush, so I took time to recover. I have spend several days working with our web-master to get pictures of the Major Award winners, Award Winners, our Sponsor/Vendors with their booths and miscellaneous shots from the event posted on our web-site.
    I have also spent time lately in discussions about the Sacramento Koi Show ’07. Those of you out there who have participated in putting on such a major event know it takes lots of planning….

    I echo Steve’s comments that he posted on reply 188 of this thread. I would like to add a big Thank-You to the following people for without their hard work this event would not have been such a success. The first is Jim Phillips, who is charged with getting the Koi Show site set-up and ensuring that the water quality for all of the Koi, whether an Entrant’s Koi or a Dealer’s Koi, is as good if not better than the water they came to the Koi Show from. For the Sacramento Koi Show, the number one priority is water quality for the Koi.
    Another Camellia Koi Club member I would like to Thank here is Duane Carlson. A few years ago when I was President of the Camellia Koi Club, I asked Duane to be the club’s Public Relation’s person. At the time Duane said he knew nothing about what it took to handle Public relations, but he was willing to try. Over the years we have tossed around various ideas about getting information about the Sacramento Koi Show published in various local media sources. Well this year with the club taking a risk in renting a hall to hold the Koi Show, Duane got information published in many of the local news sources, a KOI USA ad, a radio q/a session about Koi one Sunday on a couple of radio stations a week before the event and a full four page color article about Koi published in the weekend section of a major local newspaper. This resulted in very large crowds of local people throughout the two day event, so large that it brought smiles to the faces of the many Sponsors/Vendors and many dollars to their coffers.

    Speaking of Sponsors/Vendors, Steve already covered our Sponsors (who I also Thank),I would like cover our Vendors who included: Sacramento Koi (Steve Walker), Star Milling (Iva Gaglione), Mamason Koi (Jim Kitchen), Flora Tropicana (Marcos Tjaden), GeishaKoi (Joelan Dunkle), Nimbus Ponds (Gary Sanford and John Hansen), Majestic Koi (Rob Barreras), Kichi Transport (Chris Devincenzi), Aqua Master Koi Food (Agnes Lai), Napa Valley Nishikigoi (Richard Wagner), Hikari (Chris), West Coast Koi (Bob Caruso), Jincheon Koi (Simon Chung), and “A’s” Aquarium (Tommy Hue).

    We hope to see you all at the Sacramento Koi Show ’07 (bigger and better than ever).

    Thank-You all once again

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