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Thread: 2006 Nishiki Young Koi Show -- Post 1

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    Honmei KoiCop's Avatar
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    2006 Nishiki Young Koi Show -- Post 1

    A week before the show I netted, tubbed and photo'd these candidates for the show. Some went; some didn't.

    Sakuma, 11"; 2nd place Size 2 (9"-12") GR Gosanke

    Sakuma, 20" Showa; did not go to show

    Sakuma, 6"; 1st Place Size 1 (6"-9") Kohaku

    Sakuma, 9"; 2nd Place Size 2 (9"-12") Kohaku

    Ogawa, 11"; 1st Place Size 2 (9"-12") Sanke

    Ogata, 18" Asagi; stayed home

    Ogata, 17"; 2nd Place Size 4 (15"-18") Utsuri
    Don Chandler
    Member: AKCA, ZNA, KoiUSA

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    Honmei KoiCop's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Southern California

    Post 2

    Took 5 small koi to the show; not sure they appreciated the honor of being selected, though.

    There were a total of 22 show tanks and 124 koi entered.

    One benching team: Bob, Mark and Kim

    L to R: Dave Young, Sherrie Cumminsky (Club Pres), Joe White, Ray Jordan (Ray's wife Martha in background)

    Sherrie, Louie Hernandez (Show Chair), Dave Young

    Judging begins

    Two views of Vendor's Alley. Notice Jeff Dunkle's display

    Ray Jordan's KHV display

    Louie and Sherrie

    Along the front row of show tanks

    Along the back row of tanks; there was a middle row, too

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    Honmei KoiCop's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Southern California

    Post 3

    The Winners:

    Grand Champion, Size 6 Utsuri, Kim & Vaughn Monis

    Runner Up Champion, Size 5 Kohaku, Kim & Vaughn Monis

    Best Mature, Size 6 Sanke, Alan Stein

    Best Young, Size 4 Sanke, Kim & Vaughn Monis

    Best Baby, Size 1 Kohaku, Galen Hansen

    Best in 1st Non GoSanke, Size 3 Goromo/Goshiki, Loc Van Nguyen

    Best in 1st GoSanke, Size 6 Showa, Galen Hansen

    Best in Size 1, Kohaku, Michael Chua
    (No photo available)

    Best in Size 2, Gin Rin GoSanke, Kim & Vaughn Monis

    Best in Size 3, Goromo/Goshiki, Linh Bui

    Best in Size 4, Gin Rin Gosanke, Linh Bui

    Best in Size 5, Sanke, Khoa Pham

    Best in Size 6, Utsuri, Galen Hansen

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    Oyagoi RayJordan's Avatar
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    San Antonio, Texas
    Nice Photo's !!! Thanks for posting.

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    Fry Monisohana's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Thanks for posting Don. Great pictures!

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    Tosai Geishakoi's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Thanks everyone for a great show. It was good to finally meet you Don! The club really did an awesome job! I finally got back home to nor-cal at about 10:45pm. Jeff went on to Santa Barbara to finish that pond that he started on Thursday. We really enjoyed talking with everyone. I hope the girls enjoyed their jewelry!!! Congrats to Ginger who won the necklace at the banquet!

    Jeff & Joelan

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