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Thread: Bringing koi out to show in the middle of growing season.

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    Thumbs up Bringing koi out to show in the middle of growing season.

    Bringing koi out to show in the middle of growing season. A good or bad thing for fish?

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    I wouldn't recommend it.

    I think it would be best for the Koi to show at the beginning or the end of the growing season. If you let them grow without any stress, you will get better results.

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    I think it depends on your purpose....
    do you intend to grow them big, especially in their first 3 years of age/ then it probably wouldn't make sense. If you intend to make them grow big in a 1,200 gal pond with 20 other koi that doesn't make sense either......

    are they female or male? Are they finished and ready for the show?

    These are decisions only the owner can make and the koi get to live with the consequences.....If I had a wish for all would be koi hobbyists cracy to show, it would be that they not be in such a hurry to show their koi until they are ready.
    If it's hard waiting.... seriously look at purchasing male koi.

    My motto with my koi has always been to try and prepare them to be the best they can be given their genetics...

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    easiest question you ever asked...BAD thing

    And the two answers above..one American flavor and One Japanese

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