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Thread: Other koi mags that went the way of the dinosaur

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    Other koi mags that went the way of the dinosaur

    Other mags that went the way of the dinosaur

    Over the years several printed mags have come and gone. And a few were really exceptional, leaving a void that has still not been filled by any publication.

    The first koi magazine to go under also holds the record for the least number of publications. That was International Koi and Water gardens magazine ( bi-monthly) which was first produced in Oct of 1984 and was out of business by Feb of 85! Two issues! Designed as a competitor to Koi USA and manned by some business people ( one money backer actually) and some southern Californians, this mag showed some promise as the budding koi community was really hungry for information back then. But too many cooks and soon they were at odds with one another.

    The next to go under was the mighty and really excellent BKKS organ magazine ( monthly) which ran from 1975 all the way to 1997. It was evolved into a large format successor called Koi Times, which ran from 1997 to 2000 before folding.

    The most unique, yet limited appeal koi publication went under in 1997 after a mighty four year run. Koi Health Quarterly ( Quarterly) was without a doubt the very best publication on koi health, physiology and husbandry ever published- hands down. Written by professionals and very advanced amateurs, these 16 or so quarterly magazines are perhaps the second most important reference mags in my library. If you have a chance to pick up back issues- buy them ALL!

    The late 90s and early 2000s was a though time for koi magazine growth. It was in 2000 that Rinko’s English version magazine ( monthly) came to a sudden and screeching halt. This was precipitated by the death of a long time USA distributor and the failing health of the only other distributor in America forcing the home office to make a decision on an already struggling publication. It was one of the best but not enough English speaking keepers were supporting it. So it died a quiet death. A super publication and along with Nichirin, a serious koi student needed no other publications.

    On the local level , hobbyists lost a ‘shining diamond’ when the small publication ‘New Ripples’ gave up the ghost. It was the association magazine of The Northern Koi Club of England ( a ZNA friendship club, by the way) and the talent and experience of the members was/is second to none. There was an attempt to make the publication an online version within the clubs home page, but from there it just stopped. R.I.P 1994- 1999

    Koi keepers ( Quarterly), a very nicely produced and slick magazine, brought out by British interests and powerhouse European koi savvy photographers and publishers, this one looked like the heir apparent for a while. But the expense of such a slick piece and poor marketing lead to an early grave. Just eight issues from 2003- 2004 and she died a sudden death.

    Other magazines have managed to reinvent themselves over the years and gone through a series of name changes and ownership. The story of Koi magazine is an interesting one. There are others that evolved to survive . Stuff for another post!


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    I've enjoyed the old BKKS newsletters from the early '80s. Not much that's relevant today, I guess, but sure can see the evolution of the hobby and how far ahead the Brits were of everyone else in the West. I like the old Koi Times I've gotten my hands on, but I never was able to get very excited about Koi Carp... lots of ads & hoopla w/o substance it seems, but maybe I had bad luck on the issues I picked up.

    The first Nichirins when it was created as a split off from Rinko are great. So obvious that ZNA put a lot of resources into establishing the credibity of Nichirin. Today's English-language Nichirin is a pale shadow in comparison.

    All are good reads when nothing else is in hand!

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