A friend of mine is having a koi crisis right now in Spartanburg South Carolina. New pond, possibly a leaching of new concrete going on, but she lost her midorigoi a couple of days ago and now her kumonryu and platinum ogon are trying to turn turtle tonight. The onslaught was sudden.

Symptoms: Flashing, clamping fins, equilibrium problems (the midorigoi had lesions, swam with head down before she put him out of his misery), the ogon is listing to the side and can't keep upright in addition to the clamped fins and flashing. The kumoryu is clamping and flashing. No other data available.

Julie needs help! She can't handle this by herself, no way no how. Are there any koi clubs in her area, any KHA's, anyone at all that can go help her?

Marie<-----terribly worried