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Thread: need help selecting breeding pair

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    I have also heard Purachina referred to as "Leather Carp".

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    Sorry, Russ, but Purachina and Platinum are essentially interchangeable terms for a metallic white ogon and the vast majority are wagoi (scaled) -- not doitsu. Chogoro has long been considered the leading Japanese breeder.

    I recently read an interview in Koi Keepers magazine with Manabu Yamazaki wherein he discussed the development of fukurin on his purachina's scales:


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    Quote Originally Posted by dick benbow View Post
    use your kohaku male with the Purachina female and cull as if kohaku
    The way the above sentence is structured one (newbie) might assume he was referring to the ginrin hariwake. If he would have said use your kohaku male with one of the purachina females it would have been clearer. Anyway it's a new for for my koi vocabulary.

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    Welcome on board Kresler, where do you live to spawn now ?

    Coming back to the begining of the thread, I would select the yamabuki and the purachplatinun ogon
    I think it will be easier for selecting the best one later.
    I've paired my doitsu hariwake with a male goromo and the red patern took really a long time to appeer. And only one seems decent .
    Ogon together should be eaiser to cull.

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    Purachina is a term mostly used in the UK for Platinum Ogon....By breeding the two together you could have a standard to cull by where many other combinations would make you hang on to greater numbers waiting, hopeing that you'll find something in the bunch. This way if it doesn't have a good kohaku pattern it's not beeing fed and cared for!

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    Kohaku X Purachina

    If you dont have a lot of space and want to have a fun crop, breed the kohaku with the purachina. I have bred kohaku with purachina a number of times. You will get a lot of hariwake out, as the colour of the red in the kohaku will throw off yellow. As these fish grow out, some will attain a rich golden yellow and can be very pretty. The chances of getting out a metallic reb and white kohaku are slim, you will only get a few in the whole spawning. However, if you do get them they are awesome, with very bright future colour assured due to the metallic colour of the purachina. Just expect a lot of ogon and not too many clean purachina out of the bunch. Heavy culling is needed at about 2 cm in length. I chuck out most of the fish with no pattern then, as you would cull for kohaku.\

    The yamabuki with the purachina is too easy, and you will have thousands of yellow ogons, almost all of which will be OK. Difficult to cull as they all look the same. Boring to breed but good if you want to get numbers of saleable fish.

    I'd go for the challenge and do the kohaku-Purachina myself. Choose the biggest female, unless the other has a better body shape.

    (You can also always put them all together and see what you get if you wnat some variety and are not to fussy about who came from whom, but its not good breeding philosophy to do that)

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