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Thread: 9/11 5 years after......

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    9/11 5 years after......

    9/11 5 years after......I just wanted to send out my thoughts and prayers to those who have been affected by this.

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    I'm a New Yorker. Even after 5 years, the feeling is still one of anger. I'm so upset with this administration over everything. Wasting our time in Iraq, while bin laden is still running free. It boggles the mind that we haven't gotten him yet. One of my early patients today came in with a picture of her nephew who died on 9/11. She was very upset..and we talked about it. Just knowing that the person responsible has not been captured makes it all feel so much worse.

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    You can thank Pakistan and nutso ideaologies for that. It is hard to swallow that Laden is still free in one way, but in another it forces us to stay on our toes so others cannot strike us as well. The fact that he is still at large is motivating and justifying alot of the work that is needed to secure us from all of those driven by similar ideaologies. So in a way, that grey cloud has a bit of a silver lining. Truth is it a war with an ideaology of hatred. Bin Laden did not start it, and getting rid of one player, although it may be very helpful, won't clear the whole chessboard.

    In that sense him being alive could be doing us more good than we understand, and may be the only reason someone else with the same aspirations cannot fulfill them. Kind of like hunting bear, if you don't, they may hunt you. If you kill one and discontinue the hunt, the others may track you down. But if you stay on the hunt, they have to run instead of attacking, much harder to form an attack if you constantly on the run as a group. One other good hting that comes out of it, is that now we are aware of how dangerous those seeking our destruction can be. I think most americans had been lulled into a false sense of safety due to no real threats in their face. That can make us as a nation very wreckless and careless. So I think as a nation, we have moved in the right direction, and will continue to do so. All we need are perfect koi, perfect ponds, and Monday Night Football!!!
    'Sometimes it take a talking donkey to turn things around in the right direction, ask Balaam."

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    I can still remeber where I was and what I was doing the moment I heard about the attacks. We will never forget!!!!! Peace to all.

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    Prayers for all affected

    The events of 9/11 are another example of what humans are truly capable of. Ordinary people can grow up to become radicals who murder for the sake of their misguided cause, while others become heroes in a moment of tragedy. The true character of many was revealed that day in ways we will never see because they are anonymous citizens who stood up when they were needed, and quietly walked away when they had done all they could.

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