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Thread: I'm going to write a own koi book!

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    for example...kinda like the ugly duckling that grew into a beautiful swan....but you can do the ugly fry that grew into a class A top choice Show quality koi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koikiller View Post
    i didnt read your paragraphs but is this a autobiography? i think the best book to write is a fictional one about kois.
    No, that was about the author section.

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    Insomnia is still a problem for me, and I have started my working day, so I will try to stay lucid.

    - You may also find that each publisher has a guide or contributor guideline for you to follow. Before starting to write an article, contact them and ask for one. This might already be published on their website. You will have better luck being accepted for publication if they have previously published something in the same area that you are writing. In a magazine, this will mean writing an article in same house style. If you want to contribute, read the most recently published copies and follow the same feel, language, article construction. Published articles fit a formula. It is the nature of the business. If you can submit something to them that looks and feels like it was already published, you are more likely to be accepted. The more work you do yourself, it increases the chance of being published.


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