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Thread: Evolutionary and genetic nomenclature . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by lildude View Post
    Very intresting.
    From what I "could" understand, which is'nt much. These are the questions that pop into my lil'head.

    1. Since there are classes in koi, are these potentially becoming seperate subspecies that can still interbreed?

    2. Because the desire for refining all of the classes is in a way purify the variety, is this creating a subspecies in a subspecie "koi"?? In otherwords, since they are concentrating a gene pool per variety is it sifting out all of the bad genes that are unwanted. Could all this breeding potentially backfire and cause massive mutations in the already overbred koi in the near to far future?
    Just what I am curious about.
    Lots of questions lildude. I'm waiting for the thread starter, a real insider koi kichi sort to reply to you.

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    Classification is an artifical grouping of things with shared characterisitics. There are a set of rules that get applied to selecting or deselecting for one group over another. But, things are often not agreed upon or new research/discovery turns up and a organisum gets moved out of one group and into another.

    It can be confusining.

    Then the nomenclature gets revised, a species gets renamed and again it gets confusing.


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    Eric . . .

    JR was the teacher who composed this particular lesson; I reprinted it but would not presume to argue from, with or to it.

    I will say this, though: A good lesson is like a fine meal -- they both take some time to digest fully. Ponder that, grasshopper. Don

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