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Thread: New Savio 50-watt coated bulb, vers old 57-watt-bulb & quartz sleeve??

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    New Savio 50-watt coated bulb, vers old 57-watt-bulb & quartz sleeve??

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone had any experience using the NEW Savio 50-watt coated bulb in there skimmers as there sole UV source for the pond..

    I've been running 2 of the 57-watt bulbs in my skimmer with a Pondmaster 8400gph pump, Skimmer faceplate is the 8.5 (medium plate) on a natural gravel rock/gravel pond which is around 7000 gallons.

    This is my only UV source and it seems to be working well...

    I was just wondering how the 50-watt coated bulb/units work in comparsion.

    It sure is nice not to have that delicate quartz sleeve, but I have to wonder if these units work as well. Im sure the small 7-watt difference makes no difference, but its this coated bulb that I wonder about..

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    This is an interesting subject because it is built on aquarium technology adapted to pond needs. And it has really shifted from mythical power to sterilize water into a more realistic role as an apperatus that can 'damage' celluar algae cells passing by it within a certain range. Unfortunately, the manufacturers continue to carry along generalized statements about the powers of UV ( in a lab setting) as benefits to the pond. Shame.

    I was one of the 'class of 85' that moved from an all consuming interest in fish aquariums to an all consuming interest in koi! Like a lot of others that have entered our hobby, I brought with me, an image of the koi pond being an 'aquarium in the ground'. And so I moved my UVs outside in 1985. But being outside and being on the scale a pond is, a lot of the technology needs to change and certain 'principles' are not the same. I learned that quickly but still found a seasonal use for a UV and spread that infirmation around the club I belonged to back then- MAKC.
    You can imagine that the approach to say, a 10 million gallon pond, would/should be different from the approach to a 10,000 pond? But no one seems to see the difference between a 10 gallon indoor aquarium and a 10,000 gallon koi pond? Yet each one is 1000 times larger than the other?
    And to make the point stronger yet, a 10 gallon aquarium inside the house operates differently than a 10 gallon aquarium left outside all year.

    So to bring this all home, a UV can do very good things for your pond in the spring, against unicellular algae count, even without the sleeve. But it can not do the things such as bacteria count reduction, parasite control and water sterilization in general without the sleeve and in the 'outdoor pond' setting.


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    between Okeefenokee and Ichetucknee
    And nobody mentioned the "natural gravel rock/gravel" thing.

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