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Thread: any advice would be great

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    any advice would be great

    hey, i am lookin to breed, any advice please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamiequin View Post
    hey, i am lookin to breed, any advice please?
    You could try dating?

    Seriously though what varieties are you wanting to breed? Or are you asking how to get them to spawn? Or maybe you want to know how to cull? So here is some basic advice. I'd stick to one variety. Take your two best of that variety and see what happens. Just remember that you need quality parent koi to get quality fry (and then even that is not a given). I don't think I would waste my time breeding pond quality koi as the results would be more pond quality koi. So my advice is to use really good parent koi.
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    my advice is to volunteer to help around a domestic breeder near you. In japan they call it apprenticing.....I can't tell from your public info if your from the Uk or USA by location but if your anywhere need Maurice in the UK (koi UK ) or Mat at Quality Koi in new jersey, that';s where I'd start.

    I had a chance to work with Kentaro sakai when he was over here learning english and our market. I learned a lot and think you would benefit from the exposure. once you build a level of confidence you can start off by learning to do things yourself.

    It's not cheap, you need good stock and lots of land but you can start small
    and specialize in a color variety. You and i both like Shusui but that's a tough one to start with.

    Poke around ebay and see what books on koi breeding you can pick up inexpensively. It's not something you get overnight, it's something you are constantly learning from..........best of luck!

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    Dick . . .

    I agree. Since Jamie's 16 years old and lives in England, contacting Maurice or another local breeder as you suggested would be the best way to gain experience/exposure.

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    As much as I've enjoyed and learned from our tiny little backyard fry escapades , there is no doubt in my mind that a single season spent with a pro would teach me far more than I will ever be able to teach myself flying solo. Apprenticing with Maurice... now THAT would have to be a British Koi Kichi dream come true.

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    ok i just read your other post and it appears you just want the fun of raising the fry etc, but couldnt get your own koi to breed,

    tell us how you approached it, how old are your koi? are you sure you have a male and a female(post some pics if possible)? did you have some spawning media like spawning brushes etc,
    plus there are many breeding guides posted on the net

    join the local koi club and see if there is a local with experience who may be able to help hands on plus chances are that someone will have some fry for you.

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    Apr 2006
    thanks for all the comments, i am realy into breeding fish, i have had koi for years and wanted to try them. i have bread most tropical fish you can think of but i love koi ! i have 5 fish that are about 4 years old, i cannot sex them but one seems to be gettign latge and i think it may b pregnant, i will get a video tommorow of all my fish in pond and put it on utube and post it so you can all have a look thanks

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