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Thread: Koi Bito..... The Magazine.... What's The Deal

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    Koi Bito..... The Magazine.... What's The Deal

    This thread is probably going to open a can of worms, but I have been wondering of what ever happened to any kind of compensation (monetary or back issues)?
    In remembering back, the people that seemed to have had subscriptions for quite some time seemed to "walk" away from wanting any compensation. The new subscribers that had only recieved one or two issues seemed to want a refund, which is where I fell in. If I had subscribed for quite a while and had recieved quite a few issues, I probably wouldn't have a problem. But in paying out good money for a product and not recieving what I paid for, I am starting to feel as if this was swept under the rug, kinda leaves a sour feeling in my belly. I am a person of my word, and I know all to well that chit can happen, but when there's been dead silence on this subject for quite some time now, kinda makes me think nothing is going to happen.
    We are coming up on a year, and has anything been done, anyone recieved any comunication, compensation?
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    Am I glad you brought this up! As I recall, payment was going to made through Paypal. I check my account every so often, but, so far, the credit still shows zero. I have been patiently waiting, but maybe it is time to say something, as it has been almost a year? Don't get me wrong, I loved the magazine, and still read the board now and then, but fair is fair.


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    I got 1 magazine, the last one with over 1 yr old 2004? All Japan coverage. $50 of the $92 was refunded after a handfull of emails. I really just wanted back issues to complete subscription but apparetly could not be done even though you could buy the back issues for some time after that. The subscription push right before production stopped was kind of odd .

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    The subscription push right before production stopped was kind of odd

    Sounds more like greed to me than odd.

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    Take it up with Brian in private. There was no conspiracy PERIOD. I've heard the theories and there is a whole heckuva lot missing from it. You can take my word for it or not.
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