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So, now, after all the discussion last year, and seeing as how it is April, what has everyone decided to do or have been doing this past 5-6 months?

Personally, this year has been an odd one. Water temps lower than ever before, 42-45 in the Q-tank and 45-48 in the main pond. It's finally up to a minimum of 55 at this time but still unseasonably cool and unpredictable. I haven't begun to feed more than once every 2-4 days and depending on high/low pressure atmosphere. I have a feeling this is going to be a weird year for deciding on feeding regimen, at least here on NorCal!?

Only feeding OSI growth at the moment, at very low levels. The fish come up with enthusiasm but then seem to wain a bit after the initial few handfuls. So, I stop after the second "few" handfuls. They're grazing on the walls and putting a lot of particulates into the water and I'm having a helluva time keeping up with it. So, I won't start feeding with any sincerity until I can see some stability with temps. How about the rest of you?


Same here Mike, temps really off this year. Started feeding last week in February after a 7 week fast. Started to increase food, but then temps cooled off again.

Now all I have seen for the last 2 weeks is a Doc here a Doc there here a Doc there a Doc, everywhere a doc doc... LOL

Filters kicking in real slow this year... Hopefully things will warm up here, so that we can start giving the girls some serious food. We are only feeding sweet potatoe at this point and it is once every day.

Nancy M.