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Thread: Omosako Shiro

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    Omosako Shiro

    Here is my 65 cm Aka yonsai SHiro form Omosako.. dont know which parent though. It has the loveliest of white and laquer black sumi. The weakness at this moment is an oversized pair of pectorals, white within the sumi. Tail tube form 1st pic looks narrow but it actually look more like the 2nd pic. Not sure she will be raech high 70's. But a very nice break from Gosankes. I have another 2 tosais from Omosako. I have included an underwater shot of her. What do you think.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Omosako Shiro-omoshiro65cm_aug507.jpg   Omosako Shiro-rotation-rotation-p1010024.jpg   Omosako Shiro-re-exposure-p7291138.jpg  

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    I think some of the white areas within the black is simply 'pattern' that will be with you forever. In some areas, the sumi is still finishing. I hope the hachiware completes. That would create a nice frame for a beautiful face.

    BTW, nice body on the Sanke!

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