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Thread: what to put in the pond?

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    Tosai iceman27030's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    north carolina

    what to put in the pond?

    ive had miked answers on rocks on pond from local stream - ive been told to put rock for bacteria to grow on because bacteria cant crow on the liner - ive also been told not to put rock in pond because of fish hurting them selves and sludge biuld up - so what do i do?

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    Daihonmei PapaBear's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Davenport, Oklahoma

    Why did you build the pond?

    If you want a Koi pond, leave the rocks on the outside. If you want a watergarden, go ahead and put them in.
    Nobody on this board would ever advise putting rocks in a pond because everyone here appreciates the beauty of Koi and the proper care of them. There are a lot of boards (and pond salesmen) who call folks like us Koi Snobs. What we really are is people who enjoy our Koi too much to compromise their living conditions by causing them injury or disease by promoting an improper environment.
    Do some searches here on filtration and rock bottom ponds. You will learn a lot from people who have been keeping Koi well for many years.
    Larry Iles

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    Yep. What Larry said.

    If you want healthy, vigorous koi, do not listen to the advice of those who told you to put rocks in the pond. And, if they recommend that, I'd question other advice they might volunteer as well.

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    Honmei MCA's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Personally, I would never tell anyone it is OK to put anything in a fish pond that will trap debris that will decay. Think about it. When was the last time you saw Kohler put gravel in the bottom of a toilet?

    Follow those toilet vendor's lead. Smooth walls and floor. Rounded intersections between walls and floor (no right angles that would let stuff settle out and making cleaning more difficult). Hole in the bottom to flush out the waste. There is NOTHING positive about organic waste decaying in a pond.

    Don't believe me.....don't flush your toilets. You will not like...and neither do the fish. Clean water is healthier for both of you.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    NorCal Biotch!!!
    Anything in regards to "Growing Bacteria", should be in the filter not in the pond. Plus why would you want the headache of cleaning out a pond with rocks. Trust me when I say that the worst job to do is clean out a aquascape pond when the owner has let it gone to hell for more than a couple of years...

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    Oyagoi mstrseed's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Georgetown, Texas USA
    Quote Originally Posted by iceman27030 View Post
    ive been told to put rock for bacteria to grow on because bacteria cant crow on the liner -
    Wanna bet, go look at any established pond any where....unless its a water fountain with chlorine in it........

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    Sep 2005
    Bacteria will grow in your pond as well as in your filter. It just takes time to establish.

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    Oyagoi Lam Nguyen's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Portland, Oregon
    The only rocks I will put in my pond will be the expensive and sparkley kind when I try to hide them from my wife for telling me that I love my koi more than her!

    The only filtration system I have seen that utilizes rocks is a system that belongs to a friend. He has a 10,000 pond that is stocked with at least 100 koi and the water is pristine clear. However, his rock filtration system is bigger than the pond itself. This lava rock filter then feeds into a bog filter that is about 30'x30' and is about 1-2feet deep. His whole yard is filled with ponds!!!!

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