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Thread: hikui treatment tip

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    Jan 2004
    louisville, ky usa
    Here was the appearance of my tancho earlier this summer...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails hikui treatment tip-tancho-hikkui1.jpg  

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    Sep 2006
    did you check for chilodonella? And did this fish experience cold winter water or any lack of water change in water below 60 F? JR

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    Bumping up this old discussion for Wong.

    Not only is there no consistent experience with treatments, but also inconsistency in diagnosis. Nearly a decade later, I remain unaware of any consistent success in treatment except raising the koi in the mud. I think it should be noted that reports of Hikui are far less frequent than in the past. Perhaps that is because hobbyists focused on gosanke now have far better filtration, etc. I think it more likely that the tendency to development Hikui is being bred out of gosanke over time. Maybe some of both?

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    the one treatment I will try eventually will be cryotherapy, liquid Nitrogen at -328 F works on me destroying abnormal skin tissue. I need to grab the can from my derm doc since he is loaded with the product down here in the UV ray capital.

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