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Thread: Anyone get the new KoiUSA?

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    Steve, Koi, USA arrived when I needed a break in the worst way and the two hours I took off sort of revitalized me. It was a great issue and things just keep getting better. (even around here- we do have our lulls from time to time-but with the mag for inspiration, my wife for experation, the San Antonio show for justification, and life for exploration I must keep on keeping on.) Thank you for the good job being done. Mac

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    KOI USA ran an interesting article by Nancy Moore about the type of salt to avoid for use in the pond. If you are not yet a subcriber you can go and read the entire article or download it at: KOI USA Magazine.

    Also, for the uninitiated, at this Web site there are summaries up on all the other articles and columns to provide an overview of what we are all excited about. Congrats Steve on another great issue.

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