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Thread: Tancho Or Not ?

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    [quote=schildkoi;88840]From a technical standpoint, its a Gin Rin (or appears to be) Showa, not a Tancho by definition since the beni goes off of the head and onto the body. It should be benched in Gin Rin A (technically). But...show chairs (AKCA or ZNA could bench it elsewhere. The judges may "ask" to have it rebenched but that is up to the show chair (most likely with input from the owner).
    According to an old Rinko magazine a tancho spot should be prefably as big and round as possible but other shapes are accepted if they look pleasing to the eye . and are located at the top of the head but not running into the nose . Based on that I would say it is a bad showa

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    NOT a tancho
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