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Thread: What do you do in the winter?

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    Oyagoi gcuss's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Maple Falls, WA

    What do you do in the winter?

    For those of you that move some/all fish in for the winter. What's your set up like?

    Do you just have a massive glass aquarium?

    Swimming pool?


    Do you move them right inside (heated area of the home) or keep them in the garage with a big heater???

    How many gallons do you put them into?


    Feeding regimen?

    Over stocked, over filtered, but underwater'd?

    .... learning, learning, learning.... thanks to all the knowledgeable posters here.



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    Oct 2006
    We have a built 1500 gallon tank that is located in our heated garage. We also built a 1000 gallon Q-tank similar to this just smaller. My filtration is 3 - 50 gallon TT filters. 2 have bio balls inside and 1 uses the floor scubber pads. The Q-tank has 2-50 gallon barrel filters, 1 bio balls and the other scrubber pads. We live in Minnesota so our fish are indoors for about 6-7 months out of the year. Tough to keep healthy koi in Minnesota. I'll see if I can find some photos to post.
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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    NorCal Biotch!!!
    Here in Northern California it does't get too cold. Maybe some nights in the 20's. For me I cut back to once a day feeding or maybe even twice a week feeding. As far as water quality goes, water chance once a week.

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    Oyagoi gcuss's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Maple Falls, WA
    Aquitori - Where abouts in N. Cal are you? I'm through there quite often for dog competitions. Was in Elk Grove not too long ago. Well, stayed in Elk Grove, but the trial was in Banning.

    Anyway, must be nice to have those temps. If you cut back your feeding dramatically when the water get's in the 20's... hmm, let me see, double it and add 30... er 70F or so... Should I have my indoor "tub" higher than I've got it? ( 77F currently via aquarium heater) My goal is to grow my little fishies this winter so I'd like to have the temp at a good temp for that.



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