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Thread: Need help with pump / diy filter

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    Red face Need help with pump / diy filter

    I have completed my pond liner and filled it up. It is smaller than originally planned but still decent for a first larger pond. It comes in at 6800 gallons. I built it deeper than expected too, at 5 feet instead of the planned 4 foot.
    Can anyone help suggest a pump & diy filter system for it? I need to stay on the low price of this if there is such thing lol. I need to design something that is for one, well hide-able, quiet and aesthetically pleasing as the system will have to be right next to the seating area that will be built for viewing. Last thing i want is some giant thing looking like a bunch of junk and sounding like a leaking pipe! lol.......Most the Diy filter systems ive seen are very god-eee looking. Any help and links to such would be greatly appriciated! I will try to post a pic later of the pond to give a better perspective on where it has been placed.
    I have two plastic 55 gal barrels with lids that utilize a screw plastic ring to seal them and 4 cubic feet of poly bio beads. Thanks again

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    Also sorry for the repost but the general forum seems to get more attention then the pond construction i originally posted in

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    Think outside the box when selecting a place for your filter system. You can run a PVC line quite a ways away to a filter pit or cottage looking shed to hide it. DIY systems often take up a larger footprint then comercial systems to figuring out how to hide them can be a challenge sometimes.

    I have a very large DIY system for my 10,000 gallon pond. A 7'x3'x3' settlement chamber which could be very unsightly is tucked out of site under a deck built specifically to hold my filters. A trap door in the deck allows for easy access. My filters (100 gallon DIY fluid bed and 4 DIY bakki towers) are nestled on the deck, but then we had a nice shed built to hide those PLUS we insulated it so the sound is hardly noticeable.

    My smaller pond that we just finished this year, I ran the PVC about 50 feet to under another deck which hides my filters. The only thing I couldn't hide well was the 2 pond sieves which are located at pond level in a pit right next to the pond. I plan on building another covering over that which will be hindged that will resemble a smaller deck.

    So take a good look around. If you see a spot where you would really like to locate your filters where they will be out of sight or easier to hide, all you have to do is get the water to them. Just remember the longer the pipe run, the more the head on the pump so you need to take that into consideration as well.

    I hope this helps you to at least take another look. DIY can be done cheaply, but often the footprint is not easy to work with.
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    I posted a reply on your other thread.

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