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Thread: Will there ever be a 100 tank koi show?

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    Oyagoi woodyaht's Avatar
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    After following this, I'll add my 2 cents not that it's worth much

    Monterey sounds great, but far off the beaten path for most hobbiest (crappy winding roads trying to get there, ending up with bruised fish?), but foot traffic for the vendors would be high I would think. I'd have to agree that Harris Ranch is out in now-where land with not much foot traffic other than the quick highway stoppers traveling.

    My thoughts would be to stay on I-5 since that connects Washington to San Diego Anywhere from Stockton to Sacramento would seem to be a center point. Thinking West Sac on I-5 being best...........
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    At least the concept is raising thoughts. If anyone is interested: Harris Ranch.com can be viewed. I wish there was a way to simplify this thought. For example, I could care less about a big trophy (even if I had the fish to compete for GC). The more parts that are added, such as vendors, makes it more complex also. Anyone dig into SLO yet? If I have any input on water it would be Jim-even if he complains about the commute. There really should be a way to do this. Both North and South like to see the other side show fish at there shows but due to distances only a few do so. 200 miles sounds much better that 400 for the fish. Sorry I'm rambling...
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