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Thread: The King is Dead . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by schildkoi View Post
    OK Jim, not onlky are you a name dropper, but a picture dropper as well! LOL

    I'll refrain from posting my pics with Peter (for now) but relate one of many great stories about Peter. After one of his visits to our home in Dallas, my Daughter informed me that Peter had left her a "present". From behind her back she produced a half full bottle of Scotch! LOL I think my son somehow got ahold of it some years later and finished it for Peter.

    Oh sure sure he's been to your house and so has Tim and probably to Japan with them as well blah blah blah. You still didn't get to go to the Playboy Mansion hahahahaha. BTW did I ever tell you about that time I hung out with that Steve Childers guy in AZ?
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    Good Luck Peter....
    I met you at Mystic Koi


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