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Thread: numbers of koi at a show

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    Sep 2006

    numbers of koi at a show

    Did you know that the 7th annual ZNA NorCal show had 257 koi entered by 17 exhibitors? We often talk about numbers of koi entered at a koi show but the public never much talks about how many exhibitor's took part. The sign of a healthy koi chapter is often measured by the number of exhibitors and what percentage that number is of the entire membership. 50% should be the goal of every chapter. JR

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    Sunningdale, UK
    Oh well it looks like we don't qualify for your seal of approval.
    313 fish exhibited by 38 exhibitors (40 had booked but two failed to turn up ) 12 of which were club members.

    But - we atracted 17 new exhibitors to the show of which 4 were known to be 1st timers. Hopefully this is the sign of new interest to take our hobby forward.


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    Morning, Jim . . .

    An interesting observation. But one that's hard to quantify and qualify, surely, since # of entrants is reported but # of members entering usually isn't?

    I should think that the historical perspective would teach us that the newer and smaller the show, the greater the likelihood that a high percentage of the exhibitors will be members. Maybe even 100% in the case of closed shows (vs. open shows)?

    Whereas with larger and more prestigious shows, the likelihood is that a much smaller percentage of exhibitors will be members.

    By way of illustration, Susan Boland reported in KoiUSA 16/5 that at MAKC's 3rd Annual Show in 1991 (your 1st GC), there were 176 koi entered by 22 members (from a total membership of over 300 families). Even this was a substantial increase over MAKC's 1st show stats (65 entries by 12 members).

    And since Susan referenced 'members' (not entrants), would I be correct in guessing that these early MAKC shows were closed?

    Anyone care to speculate about the ratio of members showing to the total # of entrants at MAKC's most recent show?

    So I'm inclined to think that plotting these functions of Inclusion vs. Size over Time would approximate a hyperbolic curve -- at the beginning of which the club would own its show and at the end of which the show would own its club.

    Maybe your healthy 50% figure would fall somewhere in the middle?

    Awaiting your response,
    Don Chandler
    Member: AKCA, ZNA, KoiUSA

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    At our show this last year a clear majority of the people showing were members. We had just under 200 koi. Don't know the percentage but our club is small and many of the members that didn't show were there volunteering. So while I'd like to see more people from the club showing the fact that they were they volunteering their time anyways is I think a sign of a healthy club.
    My personal koi page Updated 7/8/07
    ZNA Potomac Koi Club

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    Honmei KoiCop's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Southern California
    As opposed to your club/show, Mr. North, ZNA SoCal's last show had over 400 koi entered but I have absolutely no clue as to how many entrants were club members?

    Heck, I don't even know how many members we have -- but I think it's big, as clubs go.

    Guess I'd better find out, eh?

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    Oct 2006
    JR, you are likely correct in your statement that a new club/show is likely to have almost 100% member participation (exhibitors). That was the case with our first show last year. The few that entered the show with fish that were not members joined shortly thereafter as members. We are an open show, but also a young new club. It will take time, if ever, that our show grows to the point that we will attract those from far away places to enter their fish. We also have implimented a 3 month rule hoping to encourage local members to show their fish. (you must have your entry in your pond and under your personal care for at least 3 months to qualify for entry). This encourages our members to show and not be intimidated by "ringers" that might come in. At some point this rule will be dropped. Most (99%) of our membership have never shown fish before except at this show. I see that as a good start to promote the hobby in our region. We are also working very hard to nuture relationships between several shows in the midwest which I hope will, in the future, aid all 4 shows with volunteer support, exhibitor increases, etc. Our club is starting to work with the folks in Indy, Chicago and will soon contact the Louisville folks to see if they are willing to join forces with all of us. Maybe even someday have a large combined "Midwest Quad" show....who knows where this combined support might lead us!!!

    OK, advertising over!!! LOL
    2010 Upper Midwest Koi Club Show
    AKCA 4th Annual Open Show
    July 31st, Aug 1st & 2nd, Minneapolis, MN

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    May 2005
    Southern California
    Sue . . .

    Good points, all, and definitely signs of a club which is new, healthy and growing.

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    Aug 2005
    Fountain Valley, CA
    I've heard the 3 month rule before. I wonder-how is it enforced?
    Just curious.

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    May 2005
    Southern California
    Hey Mark & Jimbo . . .

    Trippin' down memory lane.

    Jan/Feb 1994: Volume 18, Issue 4
    Staff: Mark Whalen (new) – Editor, Joyce Conrad – Assoc Editor, Susan Boland – Club News Editor, Galen Hansen - Science Editor, Joyce Conrad - Photography Editor, Burt Ballou – Features Editor, Tom Graham - Advertising, Judy Caddies - Billing, Bob & Joan Finnegan – Subscription & Circulation, Sutherland Printing Co. Inc. – Printer, Tom Graham – Production Coordinator.
    Subscription: $26 for six issues. Pages: 64
    Features: Editor’s Deck: And The Times They Are A Changin’ by Mark Whalen, Upcoming Events, Koi In Art: Origami by Coleen Melton, Going Pro: Bertrelle Caswell, Ben Plonski, Andy Moo and Dave and Kathy Robison (HOF article) by Donna Dohler, Is Your Pond Running On Empty? (or the importance of the carbonate cycle)(HOF article) by Dick Roemer, 2nd Annual ZNA Potomac Show (Nichole Lembke – GC over 22” kohaku, Bob & Joan Finnegan – Judges, Larry Christensen, Bob Estrella & Grant Patton – Shadow Judges, 106 koi entered by 8 members) by Andy Bass, Hikari Utsurimono(HOF article) by Charles Seu, 1st Annual Midwest Show (Jane Shenck – GC kohaku, Bob & Joan Finnegan and Bob Koza - Judges) by Vicki White, Midwest Pond Tour a Beauty by Vicki White, Japanese Garden and Oasis at Torrance Civic Center by Joyce Conrad, Aeromonas Infection of Koi (continued) (HOF article) by Galen Hansen, Club News by Susan Boland, Club Guide, Warning! Glue Alert: Silicone Sealants by John Wolfe, What’s New by Carl Caddies, Koi Dealers of North America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasPR View Post
    The sign of a healthy koi chapter is often measured by the number of exhibitors and what percentage that number is of the entire membership. 50% should be the goal of every chapter. JR

    I don't believe most (Open) Shows will ever see those kind of numbers (50%). If my Louisville Club ever does , we'll be well on our way to that 100 Tank Show that that other Thread talked about .

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