Project KHV - Nichirin Magazines For Sale
Last Chance to buy these Magazines with 100% of proceeds going directly to AKCA – PROJECT KHV

We have sold over 90% of the magazines offered earlier. We are offering the remaining magazines for sale one last time for approximately three weeks only. These "English language" Nichirin koi magazines contain photos of some of the most beautiful koi in the world along with extensive and informative articles written by koi experts on a variety of topics.

We do not have any complete sets (all twelve issues for a single year) remaining.

However we do have individual issues of Nicherin magazines sold by the issue for $8 per magazine (includes shipping)
Or you can buy any combination of 12 individual issues to make up your own combined set of twelve (12) issues at $60 per set (includes shipping) This is a savings of almost 50% per issue vs single issue purchase.

(for overseas buyers please add additional shipping cost - $10 for each complete set (12 issues) and $2 for each single issues)

We wish to thank Art Lembke, Pam Spindola, Ray Jordan, Spike Cover, Burt Nichols, and Carsten Pedersen for these generous donations - any of the world's koi kichi should be very interested in starting to collect or completing their collection of these magazines full of koi knowledge and photos.

Here is a list of the individual issues available.

1991: May, June, July Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
1993: April, June
1995: Feb(2), March, April(2), June(2), July, Sept, Nov(2), Dec(2)
1996: Feb, March, April, May, Oct, Dec (2)
1997: June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov(2), Dec

If you wish to order some of these magazines please do not delay. Please contact me, Ray Jordan at [email protected]
You will receive a return email confirming your order with instructions on mailing your payment/donation. Special thanks to all the donors who have supported AKCA – Project KHV.