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Thread: Momotaro Pond for growing champions

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    Dec 2003
    submerged BH..what the heck

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    Near Toronto, Canada
    Quote Originally Posted by JasPR View Post
    Eugene, I understand Maeda senior is concentrating more on his car business these days? What brands is he carrying? JR
    Old boy is the company name . There were about 12 cars outside all the same . Indoor showroom there was . 2 Jaguars ,Corvette , Ferrari , Mercedes and a few I did not recognise . They were all left hand drive .Maeda left home when he was 15 to work as a mechanic so now it is another hobby after fish .
    I will send photos on Thurs

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    Orlando, Florida
    Jags, Mercedes, Corvettes, GC koi.... truly a mechanic who did well for himself!

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