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Thread: Aeration in the Winter

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    Thanks for the info. I am not anywhere near capacity on the pond. However, it seems like having 85 lpm, 3.0 cfm pump should be sufficient for the time being. As my load increases I will be adding more pumps to the pump.

    As for the rating on the Alita 10' diffuser, I cannot seem to find the information anywhere. Not on their web site or any of their catalogues. Does anyone use these? If so do you know how many of these diffusers I can connect to the Alita 80?

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    You will know if the current aeation is enough by doing a simple drop test for DO. If it is at least 8ppm things are OK. But.....you need to do the tests again as the water heats and the demand goes up.

    None of us can know DO, ammonia, nitrite, ph, are OK just by looking. We have to break out ye olden drop kits and meters.

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    I assume DO is Dissolved Oxygen (sorry for the rookie question). If so where can you find a test kit for that? I have not seen any at any of the Koi shops that I frequent.

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    Water Test Kits - Eastern Nishikigoi

    Then click on individual test kits.

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    In my case I do run my aeration most of the time. I heat my pond so this helps to keep the water uniform in temp, no cold spots and also helps keep the pond bottom clear of waste products.

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