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Thread: Foam

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    My pond is about 25ton... just running for about 2 months, have 2 fish... size 54cm and 63cm. I notice now the bubbles from the waterfall and aerator are taking a longer time to pop. I know this is a noob question, is it because my bacteria haven't develop yet? and I shoudl do more water change?


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    bubbles/foam that hangs around for more than a minute or so indicate that either pond has dissolved organic compounds (DOC) that are too high and/or high salinity. Water changes can get rid of the salt. Short term water changes can lower DOCs....but leave you with the investigation about how the filtration/aeration are being overload by the koi and any food they are eating.

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    It's all organics

    I'm no expert. Someone else chime in.

    I had the same at start-up. I think you have too much organics in your water (dead or dying plant material/ uneaten food). Usually it will resolve itself if you cut out the plant stuff and or quit feeding.

    What its worth.


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