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Thread: KoiBooi and vertical swimming

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    KoiBooi and vertical swimming

    What health benefit is there to the "vertical swimming" you mentioned in the "Overfeeding thread"?

    if it were as implied, that koi must use more calories to swim vertically then I must offer my own personal observant..as a SCUBA diver...it takes no more energy to swim up or down than it does to swim horizontally.
    The health benefit i believe koi get from swimming at variable depths is related to the compression and expansion of their air bladders,
    and as a minor benefit the dorsal flexion of their bodies/spines needed to start the body towards the surface, and the ventral flexion to go downward, probably encourages better conformation and health.
    ( yes I envision the flexion needed to go up or down is accompanied by rotation and lateral flexion as well, but this rotation/flexion may improve their health as well.)

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    I think it is simply a different set of muscles used in a different way, providing overall conformation benefits.

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    Mike and Luke,
    Remind me at the CFKS (after judging) to point out a tank where the koi have been raised in a shallow, low current pond(s). There is typically at least 1 tank of examples at every show.

    The views presented are my personal views and not that of any organization that I may belong to unless otherwise specified. [email protected]

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