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Thread: Breeder's characteristics

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    Breeder's characteristics


    Sorry for starting so many threads. I am just a bit excited with all the information i am getting from this forum. Thanks to all.

    I understand that we choose breeder's koi for their characteristics that we hope to expect from them. However looking at the information i have gathered it seems to me that breeder's seem to share their stock and even using similar bloodlines. My question is, is it right to say that a breeder's koi is a result of not much genes but more of what he likes to see in a koi during culling. Each breeder has his own culling criteria. For example if we give a thousand fry to two breeders they would come out with a different result. This is because of what their eyes want to see. So if i buy a koi from a particular breeder i am buying his vision for a koi. So in actual fact asking a breeder who their parent stock is not too crucial. Am i lost here?


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    It's the truth that every breeder has a different selection process when it comes to culling. For example if we took 100 tosai and asked Hiroji Sakai(SFF) and Toshio Sakai(Isawa)---not related---, to each have a turn at picking from the same 100 tosai they're selection would be very different.

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