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Thread: What is meant by good skin quality?

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    First, focus on the top fish, the Sanke with the round spot on his side. (Yes, it is male.) Along the edge of the rear-most step you can see a "fringe" of scales. If you look very closely (especially in the second photo), just above each of the scales forming the hanging fringe on the rear-most step, you can see white in the next row of scales. That's white, not a reflection. Mat predicted a year ago that this is what would occur. The fish has perhaps two years to go, but probably less.

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the pic... I suppose by 2 years then the hi that is on the bottom will vanish away and turn white?

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    The fading will progress upward. Whether all the Hi fades, or a line of stability is reached is a question only the future will answer.

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