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Thread: ZNA benching standards change?

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    ZNA benching standards change?

    A few years back, the AKCA benching standards were changed so that all mettalics would be benched in one of the three Hakari Classes. This was the first time the AKCA varied from the ZNA standards where they benched Kikokuryu (and beni) in Kawarigoi.

    This last weekend at CFKS I had the please of having two ZNA candidate judges from Holland on my judging team. When judging, I always find out which set of benching standards were used, AKCA or ZNA. This year, CFKS opted for the AKCA format. This show is put on by multiple clubs only one of which is ZNA and thus they alternate between the two. As I was doing my pre show judging brief with my team I reviewed with the 2 ZNA candiadte judges the difference in the AKCA verses ZNA benching standards. I was somewhat surprised to hear from them that the ZNA "switched" and now bench kikokuryu (and beni) in the Hakari Moyo Classification (like the AKCA).

    Can anyone confirm this? I kind of find this "interesting" to say the least.

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    Hi Steve,

    I can't comment on the ZNA I only joined last year, but at the Holland Koi Show.

    The NVN doesn't apply the ZNA benching categories at their show, they have their own which have been adapted to fit the hobby in the Netherlands.

    Fyi. They have 17 Show classes, which include two Doitsu classes, two Ginrin Classes (both Go-Sanke and Non) and two Kawari classes (they seperate out Soragoi, Chagoi & Ochiba).

    Kikokuryus etc will be benched as Doitsu B. Incidentally, Doitsu B was the most populated Show Class last year.

    rgds Bern (Hooft Westrijd HKS 2007 & 8)
    South East Koi Club

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