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Thread: acclimating koi...the correct way?

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    Hi Aquitori,

    And how does your delaer treat the fish on arrival?

    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by RelaxZen View Post
    Hi Aquitori,

    And how does your delaer treat the fish on arrival?

    Best regards
    Floats the bag, so the water in the bag is equal in temp as the pond.(Mind you this is in a QT pond). After that the fish as pulled from the bag and the bag water is dumped. In general they usually let the fish rest for a couple of days before they start the chemical treatment, temps are raised so the fish can be observed and tested later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquitori View Post
    There are alot of hobbyist out there and they know who I am talking about... It doesnt bother me that I dont QT, but then again I know the dealers that well too know what they are treating and if testing has been done. I love the fact that my relationship with my dealers are pretty good, for them to let me:

    1. helpout on shipment day
    2. show me the QT treatment
    3. show how to draw blood to send out for testing
    4. show me the results of the testing
    5. tell me when the fish is ready to take home

    Plus i rarely take fish from other hobbyist pond, unless I know where they get their fish.
    yes,i'm sure there are but they won't confess.

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