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Thread: Fish transfering

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    Question Fish transfering

    Last year our property flooded and we lost all our fish.Days and months later we found 11 total .some in peoples backyards and a whole town away we found one in a tributary. We were so lucky to have caring people in our town .althought they did get some parasites and some did die months later. I was wondering if we could put the fish in a kid blow up pool to get them to higher ground if another flood occurs?

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    Living in a flood plain myself, I've also worried about what happened to you, because it's only a matter of time before that happens to me. Yep, a blow up pool would work in an emergency. So would a pvc livestock water tank or something similar. Use pond water to fill it with. Have plenty of aeration and a small DIY filter you can rescue some of your pond media to so the system will be seasoned from the first. At least that's what's gone through my mind to do should the worst happen here....

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    Good thoughts, Marie. The pools with an air ring just on the top are inexpensive (especially in late summer when on clearance sale). They take little storage space. Just need a flat surface for them. ... set up your emergency 'pond' and let it operate a couple of days to be certain you have all the pieces & parts needed. Then put the whole set-up in storage, clearly labeled, and you'll be ready if the need arises.

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