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Thread: A few to grow out....opinions please!!!

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    Honmei Brutuscz's Avatar
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    Jun 2005

    A few to grow out....opinions please!!!

    These are the little ones I have decided to keep. I plan on growing them out for the season and seeing what comes of them. They are: Doitsu kujaku, doitsu sanke, Ginrin butterfly showa, Yellow ogon, kohaku, goshiki-showa, Showa, Yamatonishiki, kohaku.
    A few from Blackwater creek..a few from Kodama. They are all smaller than 8 inches. Opinions are welcome...thanks!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails A few to grow out....opinions please!!!-4508kujaku4.jpg   A few to grow out....opinions please!!!-dsankemine1.jpg   A few to grow out....opinions please!!!-grshowa2.jpg   A few to grow out....opinions please!!!-5208ko2.jpg   A few to grow out....opinions please!!!-5208goshow1.jpg  

    A few to grow out....opinions please!!!-5208showa22.jpg   A few to grow out....opinions please!!!-51008msanke1.jpg   A few to grow out....opinions please!!!-41108ko1.jpg  

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    I think several are at their peak or close to it now. If growing to have a better fish after a year, I do not see any easy choices. To learn from, I'd suggest the two Kohaku and the Showa. A summer in cool New England might give some initially positive development. But by October I expect fading Hi and smudgy sumi.

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa

    I went thru them twice

    and have to agree with Mike's assessment.

    Yesterday I popped down to my local dealer to check on her shipment. I get to go thru them Friday, Out of 5 boxes of tosai, I probably saw 6 that caught my interest. From those, there was but one kohaku I'd keep and one sanke I'd take a chance on.

    So I think these grow ons of yours got stuck with opinions from a coupla picky olde codgers

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    Sep 2005
    Are you sure that is a Goshiki Showa, it doesn't seem to have the right color for one? Just curious as it is hard to tell from the picture.

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    Honmei Brutuscz's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    I thought that one was a goshiki-showa. It's shiro has a gray quality that make me think it was. Last season, I grew out a bunch of kumonryu and learned a great deal studying the effects of my water on sumi. I found that the best ones, looked almost all white at the start..and developed nice patterns over the year. Those that were mostly black...went all black and stayed that way. I kept 2 and sold the others. I will probably do the same with these. Grow them out...study them well, then sell the ones not fitting the bill.

    I also watched a yellow ogon closely. I know the conventional wisdom says to buy a very pale yellow...that will deepen in time. In my soft water, the pale yellow became even more pale. So, I am going to grow out this deeper yellow ogon and see how it develops.

    I expected more people to like the yamatonishiki. It came from BWC...really an excellent sheen and pattern. Nice conformation as well for a 5-6inch fish.

    The bottom right kohaku is from BWC. I have been growing out another from there for 3 seasons. It too had a light beni to start. It has been a slow but steady grower....but the beni has improved steadily. I think it will peak at a larger size, I HOPE!!. I like the pattern on this one and hope it does the same.
    Thanks for the feedback as always.

    If your desire to succeed is greater than your desire to fail, then you will succeed.

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