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Thread: Can I release koi into open water?

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    Can I release koi into open water? **Never mind - got my answer!**

    Someone was kind enough to point out that this is apparently a controversial issue and that the simple answer is No, so no need to respond further, all - please forgive the ignorant newbie question.
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    Never release any domestic pet into the wild. Pet may not survive and it may carry pathogens to wild populations. Bad karma all around. Indeed a no no.

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    In some places, it's against the law. Someone released a large one in the river here and they're still trying to catch whoever did it.

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    Actually, I think it's against the law in all 50 states. The reason koi are banned in Maine is because of people doing this. It really wrecks havoc on the native species! List them on Craig's List or Freecycle; talk to local pet stores and offer to give them away, but never, ever, ever release them into any natural environment.

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    Actually, it is legal in Texas to release several species to the "wild". Including golden shiners, fathead minnows, goldfish, and common carp, "while fishing." This to protect bait dealers and live bait fishermen.

    However, it is illegal to release any other species and not a good idea to release unwanted koi to the environment. I do. I sell hundreds of thousands of cull koi for fish bait. But it is not the same as a homeowner turning loose unwanted koi, especially if they are sick, into a creek, river, lake or pond. KHV has been spreading this way and dead carp turn up in urban lakes and ponds every year in Texas.

    At least in Texas, if you are in the business of selling ornamental fish, you are also obligated to take back any fish you've sold. You don;t have to buy them back, or even keep them alive after you get them, but you are obligated to the fish owner to releive the burden of unwnted fish they bought from you. I've done it. Took back fish. I meet them at the gate and place the fish in a bucket of eugenol, then clorox to euthanize it. I do not take ANY fish back into my farm.

    Common carp (koi) in waterways is less an issue in the South as the waterways are already full of carp. But in some areas of the North (Maine for instance where koi are lillegal) such a release could wreak ecological havoc.

    Do not release unwanted fish into waterways.


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