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Thread: UMKC - Who's Coming?

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    UMKC - Who's Coming?

    We are only weeks away from our 2nd Annual Show and Product Expo!! Vendor booths almost filled up (only 7 left - 1 wet vendor spot still open) and exhibitors are starting to send in reservations. To make sure we have enough tanks and a head count for the banquet, please consider sending in your reservations forms as soon as you can. We anticipate over 100 fish entered this year.

    Hotel rooms are only held at the contract rate until July 16th. After that they go back to the hotel at a higher rate. 15 rooms still remaining, 5 smoking, 10 non-smoking

    If you know of someone that is planning on attending but does not read the message boards, please let them know "time's awasten"!!!

    Soooooooo, who's NOT going to miss one of Minnesota's best events?

    All necessary forms can be found at 2008 Koi Show

    Thanks everyone!!!

    2010 Upper Midwest Koi Club Show
    AKCA 4th Annual Open Show
    July 31st, Aug 1st & 2nd, Minneapolis, MN

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    Almost filled up!!!!

    Vendor booths are almost totally spoken for. We have 28 booths available, with only 5 remaining open as of today. All wet vendor booths are filled. Advertising for the show starts this weekend with flyers being distributed through 100 ponds on tour for the next two weekends sponsored by Hedberg Agg. Bachmans ads start breaking next week. Bag stuffers are already in circulation through all Bachmans locations throughout the cities. Cities 97 will once again promote the show through radio spots and a live interview on air soon. BT from Cities 97 will once again attend the show. As long as another bridge doesn't fall down like last year we hope to have local TV coverage as well.

    We still have show tanks available for anyone still wishing to attend. You can also purchase fish at the show from a vendor and add those fish to the show as well (sizes 1 and 2 only please).

    Seminar schedule is extensive as well. Presentations on both Saturday during the day and again Sunday morning. Banquet is being held on the show site so no heavy traveling for those that are out of town.

    Long Fin class added this year as well.

    Be sure to join us this year!! Will be a great time!!!


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    I want to thank all that have supported our new club and show. This is our second annual show and we are virtually "sold out". Vendor booths are full and only 1 remaining show tank left which I think we'll hold in reserve for any vendor that wishes to let fish purchased at the show be entered in the show. (size 1 and 2 only please).

    Local advertising is breaking this week so we should have a good gate for our vendors!!!

    Crazy and exciting time for all of us!!!

    Again, thanks for all the support we have received from so many!!!


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