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Thread: feeding Koi color enhancer food?

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    feeding Koi color enhancer food?


    I am wondering if anyone has tried Dainichi KOI - COLOR INTENSIFIER?

    I am considering getting the 5 lb for my koi and if anyone has tried it and it works well then please let me know. Or if you have another type that works pretty well for you, please let me know as well.

    I am also wondering if feeding these color enhancers actually do make your white koi "pink"?


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    I have not tried the color enhanser but have feed their all seasons and premium pro. I've talked with the General sales manager for hrs and was
    convinced of their effort to provide a high quality product.

    In my time in Japan with the breeders, Thier tateshita get fed color enhansers prior to sale. I was told they didn't feed their tategoi color enhansers because it changed the color of the beni. So they allow the genetics, good water and good regular food to indicate the better koi to grow on.

    My understanding is once an adult begins to pass it's prime then color food helps buy it some more time. Most users of color food for show fish stop it 6 weeks prior to a show to allow the whites to clean up and any yellowing/greening to disappear.

    Spirulina as a color enhanser has a very short shelf life.

    Why don't you try a bag and let us know what you find out?
    Dick Benbow

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    Personally I don't feed color enhancing foods if I can avoid them. I do feed lightly one food that has some color enhancers in it but it is low on the ingrediant list, but enough to add the nutrients for health and vigor that I want so that is fed in smaller amounts. The theory is that if fish are fed color foods, the fish tends to peak to early instead of naturally then will break down faster. I subscribe to that theory.

    Plus I keep a lot of Shiro Utsuri where color enhanced foods are a reall no no!!!

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