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Thread: Fry and clay ?

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    Fry and clay ?

    hello everyone!
    I just moved about couple thousand koi fry from a 30 gal tank to a 900 gal pool ,I have well water ,it seems to be ok for the larger koi and fry all surviving ,I let my pool sit for several days and also transfered some of my pond water to the pool so there would some algea growth. My question is would anybody ever think about adding a little bit or a few chunks of clay I know it's something about the minerals isn't it!, that seems like a lot of space for them I can't hardly find them, please help I need tips on raising fry.

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    I would not use clay in a fry pond like you describe. Focus on feeding and maintaining water quality and especially stability. If you use the search function, you will find several threads about rearing fry.

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