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Thread: 2008 Sacramento Combined Koi Show

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    Wow Garry! Someone finally came up to the plate and created and "ALL FEMALE" JUDGING TEAM! Fantastic. Great judges, all three. Should be a good show, as usual. That looks like a great list of vendors/sponsors.


    Last year we had a 3 lady koi judging team: Nicole as head judge with Debbie as assistant and Jan as candidate. I doubt that our show was the first all lady juding team. Might be an intesting trivia question...who had the first all lady judging team?


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    Sacramento Combined Koi Show

    Patience! What other clubs are so on top of things they have results posted same day they are decided, I would like to know!

    I over-ambitiously stated on the website I would post results Sunday night. But I stayed through the end of breakdown and clean-up and was too bushed when I got home to spend the requisite hours on the computer posting winners and thier pics. Threw up pictures of GC and RGC to placate anyone enthusiatic enough to already be checking for results. Glad to know there are some of you out there!

    Will work on more tonight, may not get to finish completely. Keep checking back at www.camelliakoi.org/koi_show.html I like to do a thorough, classy job and get everyone's pics up there, not just the big award winners.

    One other note: we use a database program, expertly run by Jason Sargeant, to sort all the benching info. However, as useful as this program is, it cannot integrate the Novice and Open divisions. I believe separate files must be set up for each. When the results are printed out and hung on tanks, the novice awards were not prefaced by "Novice" in their title, so technically it looked like there were doubles of GC, RGC, MGC, AGC, YGC, BGC. Those results Russ referred to in Chris G's tank were prizes that went to Cocoy's 2 fish in the novice/junior division. I know Khung Doan was not competing novice or junior, so the stuff aquitori posted should be right.

    Pic of Tommy Morisawa's GC below:

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquitori View Post
    Just wanted to say congrats to my koi buddy Khung Doan who won...

    Best in Size 1,2,3,6
    BGC, Young Champion, Adult Champion
    and a friendship award...Way to go Khung!!!

    Also David Tran for winning Best in Size 7....
    It looks like BGC and Young Champion went to Dinh and Ann Nguyen. Congratulations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russell Peters View Post
    It looks like BGC and Young Champion went to Dinh and Ann Nguyen. Congratulations.
    I stand corrected....Congrats to Dinh and Anh for showing and supporting another great Sac Show.... Anyways, looking forward to compete against them at the NorCal Show.

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