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Thread: Changes in Shiro Utsuri

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    Changes in Shiro Utsuri

    For those of you involved with the Omosako growout this might be interesting...

    I acquired a couple of SU's from Omosako about the same week you folks did. I got mine from Pan Intercorp, but they were tosai as well so should be relevant.

    At the koi show recently I had the opportunity to talk to Takahiro Omosako as he was one of the judges at our show. He spent some time with me at my tank and we talked about the shiro's development. One of mine was heavy with sumi when purchased, and most of it had gone away with dabs here and there, and the other was the opposite. Pretty much ZERO sumi when purchased, and just now is starting to pop some out...

    Anyway, he said that most of the time, if the sumi was present when young, it will come back in roughly the same position when older (water quality, genetics etc. playing a role of course) And for the all white... he just grinned and said it will be a surprise, but on his SU's, skin quality is everything.

    Annnnndddddd, in the picture you'll notice a split fin. This happened at the show at some point. After taking those shots today, I knocked him out and crazy glued it together. May have been unnecessary but I feel better about now. Especially since the water is starting to cool.

    Sorry for lack of "before" shots on the one SU. I can't find them anywhere... I have to start naming my photos, would make a file search a little more productive!


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    Oyagoi kntry's Avatar
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    Thanks for the insight. I really like the last koi but they are all very nice.

    Did he say anything about the yellow heads? The shiro on my fish is amazing but the heads are yellow.

    The split will heal on its own in a couple of months in clean water. My 2nd choice in the growout had a badly split fin so people moved her down on their list. By the time she was out of QT, I couldn't tell which fin had been split.

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    I have seen some weird changes with my omosako SU. These pics are only a few months apart...the sumi got deeper as the water got warmer??? Made no sense to me...but the pics tell the story. It is a female tosai of about 10-12inches. The head got really yellow from color food. Big mistake before a show!!! It looks better now and the sumi looks tighter. The change in motogoro really surprised me.
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