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Thread: Increasing depth of pond

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    Increasing depth of pond

    Hi all,
    After discussing my pond and filters lately, and the majority of people saying i was overstocked,
    I have decided to keep my filters, but extend the depth of my fish pond,
    So from it being 3 feet deep, it will be 5 feet deep,
    And so increasing from 1200 gallons to 2000 gallons,
    I have decided to take my top slabs off the 9" wall and build the wall higher,
    The only problem i can see, is my 4 OF large DIY BLACK STORAGE filter BOXES
    I would like them to be lower than the top of my wall,
    At the moment they are above the hight of my pond,
    As its pump fed, then the water flows through the 4 off boxes, and then returns to the pond via a solid pipe,
    Could anybody give me the best solution to my problem,
    I dont have enough cash to go and buy a new filter system, and with all my hard work on my filters, i want to use them,
    The last box in my row of 4, is the Biosy 10, which is full of foams ,
    Any ideas please,As i dont really want to have my filters above the pond,
    Cheers for your time

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    Oct 2004
    Louisiana - KHA
    Can you post some pics?

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    Oyagoi gcuss's Avatar
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    Maple Falls, WA
    Just go through the wall of your pond with your plumbing.

    The upside? You can make a MAJOR improvement this way.

    There are some retro bottom drains on the market, you could buy one of those, and run 4" pipe up and out of the base of your wall and plumb a gravity fed line into your first filter box. If you want to save a bit of money, don't buy a bulkhead fitting. Go to your local plumbing store and buy a 4" female adapter, and a 4" male adapter. Get the electrical kind (quite important) as they do not have a tapered thread which allows them to tighten right down. Use a bit of fish safe sealant to be sure of a seal.

    All you'd have to do is put in a 4" bulkhead on your filter box, and if you're using liner to keep the water in, cut a 2"-3" hole in the liner, stretch it over the pipe that's penetrating the wall and use a hose clamp to keep it in place.

    This will allow you to remove the solids from your pond without grinding them up.

    Put your pump inline after your first filter box and pump feed the rest of them!

    KNTRY is the pro at penetrating the liner with the pipe so I'm sure she'll chime in and explain it better.

    Congratulations on making a great decision for the well being of your fish!


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