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Thread: Salt level (HELP)

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    Jun 2008
    we live in south central PA , I think our closest club would be the mid-atlantic koi club not sure if that helps as I don't fully know what KHA stands for. as far as myself I am determined to learn more as I find my fish a great joy. really wish I could get some good pics of mine to post. almost all mine come from Kodama koi farm which is where the best local dealer buys his fish from.
    I have.
    2 beautiful showas 11 inches
    1 platnium butterfly 14 inches
    2 shusui 15 and 9 inches
    2 yellow ogon 14 and 10 inches
    1 goshiki 11 inches
    2 black 7 inches

    ImageShack - Hosting :: 44419193zb6.jpg

    ImageShack - Hosting :: 81692289sn2.jpg

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    Northern California
    A month old 2600 gallon pond with new filtration system and 25! fish to start.

    Can we say "New pond syndrome?" and "Overstocked?" all in one breath?

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    Maple Falls, WA
    Hi Tyson,

    Thanks for the pictures. I'm assuming you don't have a microscope to check for parasites?

    It would be best to follow the Coach's suggestion of contacting the nearest Koi club and see if someone nearby can help you. This may sound daunting and for some is outside of their comfort zone. But I can assure you, after only a year and some in the hobby, these fellow Koi Kichi are about the most helpful and friendly bunch you'll meet.

    Mid-Atlantic Koi Club Frame Layout/Index Page

    That's the link to the club. Go to the executive/committee page and there's a listing of phone numbers and names.

    Does anyone on Bito know any of the folks on there? I personally don't, so I can't recommend anyone.

    Anyway, as stated. Good for you for stepping up and trying to help out.


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